Friday, April 1, 2011

Goodbye, Scary stories and a module Cupcake Giveaway

document.write ('-');While a few of you, just like my mother, found this cupcake cute ... .. most of you seemed to find her frightening.  I could blame the designer of MS Cupcake (which remain nameless-but it's someone in my household). However, since it was designed on the basis of a sketch that I pulled, I can only blame itself.

Fortunately, I recently renewed a friendship with an incredibly talented illustrator, Emma Hand Snap stories.  Emma agreed to make my blog look pretty (bye bye, scary cupcake) in exchange for some commercial and family photo work of j. Pollack photography.  Win win!!

I love the illustrations that Emma did for my blog (the RSS button is my favorite-how about you?), and I'm also really excited about our plans to collaborate on some projects on the road (still no hints).  But, despite all the work she's done for my blog, the best thing she has done for our household can design my son's favorite board book.

Emma's line of books, stories, you can Snap a cute book with ten of your own snapshots.  What kid doesn't like a book about himself?
The funniest part of Snap stories is that you don't need any special tools to your custom book-no scrapbooking corners, glue, paste, or scissors.  Each page of the book includes double-stick tape, so you can just stick your picture right.  It is easy enough that you can book together with a child and set up a craft project out of it.

How to win a book stories module

To celebrate the completion of this phase of the Cupcake Project design upgrade (it will be an ongoing project), Emma is giving away different stories Snap books.  To enter, head over to her blog and leave a comment there (comments here on Cupcake Project are always welcome, but they will not get included in this contest).

Good luck!

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Thursday, March 31, 2011

21. February, what's the Torom waves?

from Naran

The camels of the Gobi desert Golden, Squire, were symbolic of the nomadic tradition and culture in the course of the centuries.

They represent is decreasing in numbers, the ancient "dual humped" Bactrian species inhabited only in three countries in the world, including Mongolia.

More than sixty percent of the total Bactrian camels are populated in Mongolia.

Camel cows deliver baby every two years. When a child reaches two years of the camel, respects the name TOROM.

The best super soft wool TOROM is rare and valuable raw materials for the world producers of wool and Cashmere fiber.

Products excel with exceptional Smoothness and incorporated the quality.

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Indian Corn Cupcakes for Indian summer

Hello Cupcakers!

We know that it is only the beginning of September, but when children head back to school we start thinking had fallen. It is still fairly warm, so you can call this an Indian Summer. And the best way to celebrate the Indian Summer than by making Indian Corn Cupcakes. We took the idea for corn on the cob cupcakes in Hello, Cupcake! and in our latest book, what's new, Cupcake? We exchanged yellow and White jelly beans to russets, oranges, creams and gold medals. Jelly Belly has a wide range of colors and all variants taste great together. We start by mixing maize design of all our jellybean colors together in a bowl. And then we use them in whatever order they come out of the dish. This makes the pattern more random. We decided to try a variation of maize cocoa shells, also. In the book we used the WNC phyllo dough. But here we tr?de ' why not use maize cocoa shells?» We got these right from the grocery freezer section (at the same time they are made to wrap tamales). We opened the package, spread cocoa shells on paper towels, and let them air dry. We cut them into long narrow shapes and curled them slightly to place around the cupcakes as a garnish. This makes a great dessert a hub for all of the collection. Complete the recipe is on page 160 in the news, Cupcake? And corn husk variation used here makes the project even easier than before!


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

25. Jan Black cashmere poncho

The way you look when you walk out of the House, it is very important, and you want to look your best always. After the last fashion trends UK is important and it is necessary to ensure that the look and great.

His poncho are back in fashion, and everyone should own that are universal, fashion. Although you can buy them in many different styles, materials and colors to black cashmere poncho shall ensure that the costs from the crowds.

Kashmir is the fibre which is obtained from the cashmere goat is so soft and lovely to wear is often used for clothing.

When wool is woven into the fabric is very light and very warm, and therefore is often selected for items such as his poncho. Kashmir is obtained in the spring molting season goats. This manual and the quantity of a goat is relatively low. This means that waves can be expensive to buy. So if you are buying a black cashmere poncho, you know you are buying quality.

You can either wear one for a casual glance through some jeans or glam your poncho with some jewels and a brooch. Whether you decide to take your poncho will Look dazzling every time you walk out of the House.

Although you can buy his Poncho in the many shops of high street, may be an idea in the boutiques or vintage shops or online. His poncho is a timeless classic that you will be able to sustain for many years and is still in vogue. Black is usually chosen color as it happens with other colors.

It may be as light or you want to fine the color choice is yours. There are some very elaborate proposals and manually created his poncho are also very popular.

When you purchase your poncho, you must ensure that it corresponds to and make you feel good in her.

Although the poncho is a fashion statement also want to be practical and warm. That's because many women choose cashmere his poncho offer more heat than other styles. Whatever style you choose poncho; You'll find that wear their poncho for many an opportunity.


Pure cashmere Boutique-

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The return of Poncho black cashmere cashmere expert

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Honey Nutella Rice Krispie treats

Rice Krispie treats are on a short list of kid-friendly, three-ingredient, always popular things to bring to a holiday party without resorting to a store-bought snack.  Most people will be pleasantly smile when you show with them, the host will put them out on the dessert table, and they will get eaten. They will, however, the Dasher or Prancer of desserts-certainly not the steal-the-show-and-save-Christmas Rudolph.

Arrive at your case with this honey, Nutella Rice Krispie treats and heads will change if Santa himself had just walked in the door.  It is your choice whether you share the secret that honey, Nutella Rice Krispie treats are just as easy to prepare as the original Rice Krispie treats-only three ingredients and a microwave. If you want, you can tell people that little Elves worked all day on them (they'll never have to know that the Elves were your children and that most of the works was licking the spoon Nutella-stuffed).

How to make honey Nutella Rice Krispie treats

You'll notice that when you read the ingredients below that I don't actually use Nutella or Rice Krispies. Is this a case of false advertising? Not really. I thought it would be if I called Justin's nut butter recipe honey Erewhon crispy brown rice cereal treats people not very excited about it; not to mention the fact that I'm not even sure how to say the word "erewhon".

Yield: an 8 x 8 glass baking dish of treats (doubling the recipe if you prefer taller treats-treats will be thicker, but will still fit in the same baking dish.)

Combine in a medium sized microwave safe bowl, honey and Nutella and microwave for 30 seconds. Rudder.  Honey and Nutella have warm and thoroughly combined.  If not, continue for 10 seconds at a time when microwave and stir until they are. (If you don't have a microwave, heat in a medium saucepan over medium heat for 5 minutes.)Mix Rice Krispies in the bowl and stir, all of the Krispies. Spread mixture into an 8 x 8 coating glass baking dish.Refrigerator for at least three hours.Cut into squares and eat!Coming Soon

Soon, I have more fun with Rice Krispie treats, and a related cupcake.

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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

31 Jan, scarves and went

And scarves

When you purchase a scarf or shawl and went, the most common visual difference is that you and they went to the shimmering silky lustre. Also you will see that a mixture of silk and they were also produced with closer link, which usually see with items with silk. This link works, what improved smooth textures and sheen. If you want to look fluffier, and then you can always select an item and go 100%. Sheen from pa?m?nu makes an attractive option if you are attending a wedding or other type of formal dress for the event, where these opportunities are made from fabrics which have the appearance of the sheen, such as the satin and silk.

In addition to the elegant appearance and scarf or shawl, also notice the heat it and go. If you select the 100% pure Cashmere pashmina accessories, then it will be warmer than silk blend and went to the fabric. It's amazing that such a light-weight fabrics can offer such a warm and comfortable.

And go scarf or shawl is perfect for the cold winter months. Silk percentage and is marked on the item; In the selection of the quantity of heat that you want and go scarf or shawl, you can use it as reference. Another factor that contributes to the warmth of the fabric is a worksheet. You can select different ply level 1 ply, 2 ply or 3 ply.

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Monday, March 28, 2011

Karen and Alan tends Bar at food network CANDY event

Mini Cupcake Cocktails

We have been in love with our cupcake cocktails ever since we designed them to our news newsletter (if you do not know whether what is newsletter please go sign to the next question where you will also find directions in order to make these little potions).

When the remote control functionality of food network's wine and Food Festival and Jelly Belly came to us and asked if we would be interested in participating in this event at this year's Festival SWEETS tr?de we Cupcake Cocktails would be perfect. Then we found out we need to earn 1000 of the event, when we invented the Mini Cupcake Cocktail.

This small drink is now not a full cupcake like our Cupcake Cocktail full size. You need to actually use the cupcake. It can also be done with frozen pound cake (Sara Lee). But we are of rightholders against cupcake. In order to make the Mini Cocktail, we filled the bottom of a mini Martini glass with about 10 of any single favor by Jelly Belly Cocktail classics jelly beans. So we added a 3/8 inch slices of cupcake cut into 1 1/2 inch circle on top of the beans. Next we topped cupcake slices with frosting tinted in vibrant cocktail colors to match beans and garnished with additional beans of the same taste and a cocktail fork. What a fun small dessert. It is precisely the right part, when you know you want tasting other desserts, easy to carry around an event or a party, and just as easy to eat while you mixed with cocktail fork is part of the design.

This event was amazing. It was who's who in food and restaurants in New York City. Jean George, Tom Colicchio, Francois Payard, Daniel Boulud, Stanford Tavern and Clinton Street baking to mention just a few of the more than 50 participants. Food Network's Guy Fieri Sandra Lee was there, as well as and cake Nobel prizes as Ben Israel. Once we got to meet Ace cakes Duff Goldman!

We did this fantastic Mini Cupcake Cocktail Tower for the table.
There is a little light in the tower for the effect dramatic lighting.

Of course, the further we not everywhere without maize COB Cupcakes!

(A) the closing of our Mini Cupcake Cocktails. It looks like just a beautiful swirl of frosting with a few jelly beans from the top,
But underneath is the fun part.It is where we hide our slices of cupcake and even more Jelly Belly beans.
We used the Peach Bellini and pomegranate Cosmo and frosting in matching shades of yellow, and pink.

This photo blog for courtesy food network

1000 Mini Cupcake Cocktails with Cocktail Tower in the background.
It is Duff Goldman Charm City cake on the extreme right wing.
It had iridescent frosting and striking the city scenes in a spiral around the design of the cake. Gorgeous!

And it is up to us with the fabulous Tammie Gates from Jelly Belly.
Lighting Mini Cupcake Cocktail Tower was Tammie's inspiration.
Thank Tammie and thanks to the Jelly Belly for inviting us.
We love your prayers!

What a fantastic event. We were charmed everyone we met and had a fabulous time. We believe our Mini Cupcake Cocktails was a big hit with the crowd. We recommend this small dessert for any fun party or event.